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'A Trick of the Light' is coming soon

Updated: Apr 27

The second in my Chronicles of Toxandria series is coming in April, with a cover reveal on March 17th 2023. The books are not sequential in time, so that each can be read separately and in any order, although certain characters and events may appear or be referred to in different books. I intend to write four books initially, all with stories taking place roughly contemporaneously 40th century AN.Each story will be take place in one of the four realms that Toxandria is divided into during this period. 'A Trick of the Light' is set in Vhanakhor, which is a religious state where human sacrifice is an important part of their devotions as they worship their god, Yuzanid. This is the blurb:

"In a land where a cruel and jealous god holds sway, the currents of history converge to pluck one young girl from obscurity and thrust her blinking into the maelstrom of world events. Stilitha Zandravo, daughter of a priest, had led a quiet and uneventful life on the island of Eudora in the religious state of Vhanakhor. A member of the ruling classes, she had nevertheless always felt a curious affinity for the conquered people who laboured in the nearby valley and a curious distance from the society that she had been born into. However, little could she have known, as she approached her eighteenth year, that she was not the person she had thought she was, and that the disclosure of her true identity would change her life forever. Suddenly, she would be obliged to look afresh at the world around her. She would become a person of vital significance to her own people and to others besides, a pawn in the great game played amongst nations and amongst the gods themselves. Threatened on all sides, finding love in adversity, Stilitha treads a perilous path towards her one true destiny."

Look out for the cover reveal -Coming March 17th

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