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Cloven Angel

It's certainly been a busy year for publishing my books. Having parted ways (very amicably) with Provoco Publishing, I've struck out on my own as an 'indie' and republished three of the books I had with them. For the most part this has necessitated designing new covers and re-formatting the content, which has been quite time-consuming. In addition, I published A Trick of the Light, the second book set in my Toxandria world, under my pen-name of RJ Wheldrake. The last few months have seen the release of Well of Souls, the second part in my Britannia duology.

The final act of this year, bringing my published books to a total of seven, is likely to be the publication of Cloven Angel, the third in my Alex Trueman Chronicles. There are five books in the series, all of which are already written. The final two, A Thousand Days of Night and Angelic Upstart should emerge next year but require proofreading and editing first.

Alex Trueman found himself moving in an increasingly dark and threatening world in Worm Winds of Zanzibar, emerging as a very different person to the wide-eyed and innocent schoolboy who set out on his adventures in A Moment in Time. As the series progresses, Alex is inevitably transformed by his experiences, gaining in confidence in his abilities and in his dealings with others. This process continues with Cloven Angel, in which Alex faces even graver challenges in a world that faces imminent destruction. Kelly, Henry, Will and Tanya also get the opportunity to grow as characters and to face new challenges of their own.

Cloven Angel is presently being proofread. The cover is already prepared (reveal coming soon) and I am presently looking for ARC readers to read and review in advance of publication. My intention is that the book should come out just before Christmas but I concede that there may be some slippage on this and that Alex might have to wait for the New Year!

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