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Book Review: Waterspell Book 4 by Deborah J lightfoot

Deborah J Lightfoot creates such an immersive and convincing world in her Waterspell series that I feel saddened to reach the end of it. In particular, the depth of characterisation she achieves is truly impressive, leaving me with the sense that I know the people she writes almost as well as my own family. Accordingly, it was a delight to spend more time with these characters as Lightfoot navigates a perilous way with them through fresh challenges and adventures. In particular, it was good to see all the loose strands from the previous books brought together and thoroughly addressed. There is a completeness in this series and in the journey of her characters that it is very satisfying to read.

In addition, Lightfoot’s prose is a real pleasure to read. She has a light touch with regard to language and her world building benefits from excellent descriptive powers, as well as a sure instinct for balance. She knows just how much to show us, just how much to paint of her world without diminishing the pace of her narrative.

It was a great pleasure to read the Waterspell series. I now look forward to listening to it too. The audiobooks are now available and my first few minutes of listening have been sufficient to convince me that I shall very much enjoy this new dimension to experiencing her work.

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