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Book Review: Waterspell Book 1 by Deborah J Lightfoot

There is an impressively immersive quality in Deborah J Lightfoot's, writing which draws you in and keeps you there as the pages turn. Although the cast of characters is quite small, Lightfoot turns this to her advantage and the reader comes to know them in a level of detail that might be harder to achieve in a story that embraces a wider milieu. I enjoyed the relationships between them and the fact that each of them have their own 'distinctive' voice. The quality of Lightfoot's writing is excellent and she has the knack of engaging the enduring interest and sympathy of the reader as they follow the twists and turns of the plot. The two main characters are each very different and very interesting, the relationship between them the central theme of the book. Lightfoot creates a detailed and convincing world in which to set her story, one that I look forward to learning more about as I explore subsequent books in this series. The first book ends on a cliff-hanger which made the purchase of the next episode an absolute necessity. I'm really looking forward to it!

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