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Why are we losing 'Twice'?

Twice is nice. It’s a perfectly good word that (I think) most people understand and yet it is apparently being replaced in print, the media and in everyday usage by ‘two times’. Why? Twice is a perfectly good word. I do not propose that the archaic ‘thrice’ should be brought back into common usage. But ‘twice’, it has a lovely sound and it is, after all, more efficient to say than ‘two times’ when referring to the same concept. Would the James Bond’s 1967 outing in ‘You only Live Twice’ have been named ‘You Only Live Two Times’ if made today? Would the Commodores nowadays entitle their song 'Once, two times, three times a lady'? I think not! Here’s my plea for a critically endangered word. Use ‘Twice’ whenever you can. You’ll feel good about yourself and you’ll have a struck a small blow for linguistic diversity.

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