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Worm Winds is coming!

Things are getting moving now as we approach publication day for the second in Alex Trueman’s adventures, ‘Worm Winds of Zanzibar.’ In this, the second instalment in the Alex Trueman Chronicles, Alex is hurled through time and space to face new challenges and adventures in an alternative universe based on 19thCentury East Africa. I’ve been working hard to put together the visual package that accompanies this, including teaser images and short teaser videos. I feel very lucky that my career teaching Art and Graphic Design gave me the background to be able to take care of these things for myself. I know exactly what is in my mind with regard to the visualisation of this book and its world and I know how to get it out there in a form adapted to social media. The book cover is all tied up now and ready for the big reveal in a few weeks time. We’re on the run into that now, releasing various images and videos as that date approaches. I’ve been assembling visual resources and putting them together in what I hope are visually effective ways! At the same time the manuscript is passing to and from my brilliant publisher Jane Murray and myself as we iron out the final wrinkles and get it ready for the big day. Exciting times!

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