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A new world with an ancient culture and many, many stories.

The Chronicles of Toxandria

Written under my nom-de-plume, RJ Wheldrake, this series of fantasy novels is set in the imaginary continent of Toxandria. The continent contains four very distinctive realms and in the first place I intend to write one story set in each. The stories are not sequential although there are some tenuous connections with regard to characters.

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That Which The Deep Heart Knows

Set in the Empire of Erenor, this book is centred upon the relationship between a prince and a tavern girl. Facing the condemnation of many and a hostile, murderous court, the couple face desperate challenges as they fight for their love and their survival.

A Trick of the Light

The second of my Toxandrian Chronicles is now written, edited and out for beta-reading. A cover is being prepared and the work will be proof-read this month with the aim of publication in Spring of '23.

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