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Worm Winds is coming

Worm Winds of Zanzibar, second in the Alex Trueman Chronicles is already available to pre-order and is to be published on 21st July. The last few weeks have been very busy ones, in which the manuscript for this has been busy wending its way between Provoco Publishing and myself whilst all the errors are ironed out of it. This is a tedious and time-consuming exercise as all authors will know, but not one that can be neglected. The process requires a great deal of concentration to maintain focus on the text of each line and not to get drawn into reading the story itself. This is really hard. At one point I resorted to reading the book paragraph by paragraph from the back towards the front! Anyway, everything is coming together now and I’m looking forward to being able to share this book with the world in (checks calendar) ten days time!

I wish I could say I’ve been conscientious in getting on with my writing in recent times. All my time seems to have been taken up in editing or in promotional work associated with the launch of Worm Winds. A newspaper interview is in the offing and also an interview/appearance on Daniel Coolbaugh’s Fantasy and SciFi Fanatics Podcast, which should be very interesting. I’ve been making numerous promo images for use on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, too. If only I was better at social media. If I could only shed about forty-five years I expect I’d be brilliant at it! I find Facebook and Goodreads particularly frustrating. I somehow seem to have two accounts on Facebook and I need to work out how to close one of these down to avoid confusion amongst visitors and for myself. I cope reasonably well with Instagram but my favourite platform is Twitter. I love that people can retweet your posts in order to increase their reach, something unattainable with Instagram. I only have about 1.6k Twitter followers so it’s very satisfying when my posts get retweeted by people with large accounts (50k+ followers). It would be nice to be able to focus exclusively on writing but at this stage in my career conscientious attention to social media is pretty much essential to the task.

I am presently engaged in writing the fourth of Alex Trueman’s adventures. I am more than half way through and have a clear sense of the ending of the book. Many of the intervening parts are yet to swim into focus in my mind, however. I have a sense that all the social media work I’m doing is giving me excuses to avoid the intellectual effort of resolving these issues. I must have a stern word with myself and make myself do some later today!

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