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Cloven Angel and more to come

The third in my Alex Trueman Chronicles series hit the virtual bookshelves on 1st February and has been well received by those few people who have so far read it. Alex is already far from being the innocent and immature fifteen year old schoolboy we find in his first outing, A Moment in Time. A little time has certainly passed by in his earthly existence but in Worm Winds of Zanzibar he has endured experiences that have enforced a precocious maturity on him and changed him forever. In addition, he has begun to explore the parameters of his remarkable powers as well as learn more of the three realms of Reality, Intersticia and Elysium. In Cloven Angel Alex must venture once more into a section of Intersticia that faces imminent destruction. Accompanied once more (with varying degrees of reluctance) by his usual crew of friends, Alex finds himself obliged to take on a quest by one of the supreme beings in existence.

The remaining books in the series, A Thousand Days of Night and Angelic Upstart are in various stages of preparation for publication. The covers are designed but A Thousand Days of Night requires to be proofread before I can move further with it. That didn't stop me from setting up both books ready to go in Amazon KDP. I need only to update the text files and they're good to go. I ordered author proof copies of both to see how they would look and it was wonderful to see the whole series in one pile, even though the bottom two were disfigured by those unsightly 'proof' bands! Anyway, A Thousand Days of Night should be out some time in April if all goes well.

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